Life hangs by a thread


And it is more than likely –which is good news- that the being of humanity will question its capacity for POWER.

Until now –from "this now"- the sense of power was… –globally speaking- unstoppable. It was unstoppable and... power itself offered no doubts about its hegemony. But here it is, either because power itself has orchestrated it, or because the style –maybe that is it-... the powerful style of living has been broken, or because human power itself, in communicating, has been wrong, the truth is that panic has set in.

If some time ago they were –by the power- cutting down our freedoms "because of securities" –securities?- now... probably at first it is accepted that we are willing to give all the freedoms in exchange for having securities.

But what kind of securities? And this is where we enter the exceptional. When the human being contemplates this change, this exchange of freedoms for securities, when he contemplates the securities, he realises that they are not secure.


They don't assure you. They're better than so many freedoms, but they're not safe.

Perhaps, more –poof!, to say "quantitatively and qualitatively", according to history- more than ever –uf!- more than ever, life hangs by a thread.

.- How, how? But that applied to when someone was seriously ill, an accident had happened to him...

.- Yes. And it keeps happening. But, now, the idea and the experience is that, being in any way, your life hangs by a thread. And you can't secure it with more threads: a thread.

"And what is that thread?" –he asks himself. And this is where the Prayerful Sense comes in.

Ah! Humanity had arranged a whole organicist, structured, explanatory, rational and logical physiology developed. And in all of this it was gradually introducing variables: this one fell off the horse, that one stumbled and didn't notice, the other one forgot and hit himself, that one started with dizziness, the other one didn't wake up and... and what happens? What's going on?

Of course, when there wasn't enough wisdom, the explanation was... "Well, it's God's will. HE's the thread. Or HE's the one holding the thread."

But with the passage of time, yes, humanity's knowledge of physiology, of behaviour, became strong and powerful: barriers, guns, antibiotics, surgeries... Everything was in pursuit of security.

Already, exercising freedom like... "whatever God wants", no. It will be what we want. Voilà... voilà...

And what is happening now is what we want?

The preponderant, arrogant, proud, claimant... is this what they wanted? To lock themselves up, to isolate themselves, to distance themselves, to distrust themselves, to doubt themselves...?

No. It's not what it wanted. It wanted to "own" all the wisdom, all the knowledge, every instant of life. It wanted to have all the threads of security. With few exceptions, it was never interested in freedoms. They were a risk! Oh, yes! It lost control, it lost dominion A free being is capable of any action. A safe being has his actions guaranteed, his reactions studied.

This "fear of freedom", which was written, is strictly true.

Playing at being free, in these times we are living? No. You have to play safe. 

When the game is "safe", it is not a game.

The quality of the game is measured by its unpredictability!

And so societies were developed, in searching of safeness: a safe job, a safe marriage, a safe future, a safe retirement, property insurance, accident insurance... A safe insurance!

But, seen and unseen, the insurances were ruined. And everyone –the great majority- got scared.

And the only great and wonderful idea of insurance was to lock down, to shut oneself up... thinking that this way life would depend on the roof, on the door, on the window. Yes, some of "a thread" came into his head, but... but it was rejected.

But it is possible that, now, there is more and more –in small, more in small awareness- that "the thread thing is going to be true".

It seems as if, by ignoring the thread, it gets tangled up and breaks. "At a guess," that to say “a bird’s eye view” life is the safest thing in life! Hehehe.

Life... Definition cannot enter in the defined, however life is the safest thing in life! Oh! Oh!

.- Moreover, we've made a lot of progress in security. We live longer and reproduce less...

.- Oh... And that's a breakthrough?

Yes. We discover that we live longer, but... with a very insecure… dependence.

The result, and what the Prayer Sense demands of us, is –as if it were speaking through the thread- that life, in the consciousness of being, has made it clear that, with its way of being and of exercising that life, its… in-men-se fragility becomes evident!

And most probably –this is for many minorities; this is for a minority, or only a minority thinks this- if he were to exercise his life's action freely, liberally, he would not even need the concept of security. The libertarian exercise in itself would give him all sorts of guarantees.

But that style, which has been exercised almost in exceptions –or perhaps a little more-, has been rejected, has been considered irresponsible, dangerous, bad.

"The control of liberties will produce enough security for us not to make mistakes". For example. It could be a sentence.

"Control of liberties..." It's just that liberties can't be under the level of control!

Yes, that is theoretically true, but practically –and it is not new-, liberties are kidnapped, alienated, made up by small powers, consumption, pleasures... and ultimately –the last thing is a verbal resource-... and, ultimately, to accept that, well, everything has a beginning, a development and an end.

Yes, it hangs by a thread; which becomes more or less vigorous according to the indices of pride and vanity that the subject develops. This seems to be a very defining sentence, but it is simply a summary.

To the extent that the being exercises his freedoms –which are not his own!, but have been given to him by life itself, by Creation- and he recognizes his origin, and this makes him submissive... to Creation, humble... to his own life and... a believer...

But a believer "in conscience, of his project", which is already written, perhaps in some corner of the genome, or extra 'genomatically' in the genome of the soul: that which is so scary to accept; that which gives the vital breath; that which sustains our bones, assures our blood, and allows Love.

Yes, to the extent that this being exercises its life, according to its principles... –which are not its own, but are principles of life, of mysterious origin, but which mobilize us, exercise us in Love-, and to the extent that we are an expression of all this, the thread becomes strong, it becomes vigorous. The awareness of fragility is lost.

Nor is this a safe and powerful position. No! It's not in that line of thought. It's not in that mind-set. It's in the thread of Love. And that implies respect for every movement, respect for every moment; care for every action; creative improvisation of healthy intention.

That implies that everything is possible, probable. That NOTHING harbours infinity. And therefore, I don't... I don't possess any position.

Could it be that... more than arriving, an unusual occasion is brewing? That –yes- now, to guarantee power, it is said that it was already warned, that it was already suspected, that it was already...

But could it be that... –we must insist- that this opportunity goes beyond our mistakes as a civilization, as a process of humanity, and it presents to us, through the Praying Sense, the need to become affiliated, to reference ourselves through that invisible thread, through that unpredictable prayer, through that precise meditation, and through a contemplative doing that expands our consciousness, that places us in the abyss of Creation, without falling?

Could it be that we're at that point? We have to ask ourselves: Could it be that we are at that moment, as a species and as a person to person...?

 Creation calls us to 'levitate' from the vulgar, to exercise ourselves in the subtle, to relate to each other in cleanliness, to respect each other in our uniqueness.

To become "endless"; without end in the coexistence, in the project, in the ideal...

Without arrogance, or harshness, or prejudice, or attacks.

Only with the spirit of the soulful soul, unarmed, liberated.




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